CLOSED - Unable to open Wastebin

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CLOSED - Unable to open Wastebin

Postby Plisgyn2 » Jan 11th, '18, 22:06

I am running Mageia6 64bit Kde Desktop on Kernel 4.14.10 and on trying to open Washbin get following - Error -- KIOE.xec Malformed URL trash:/. Any idea's on how to fix it.
Update - I have removed and recreated the Wastebin Widget and now it does nothing. I can access the Wastebin with Dolphin and Konqueror with no problems.This error is only when using Konqueror as the default File Manager, if Dolphin is Default clicking on icon has no effect.
Have Closed this Post as it seems Wastebin in now linked to Dolphin which I no longer use due to lockup problems.
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