Firefox update [Solved]

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Firefox update [Solved]

Postby tonyhb » Nov 19th, '17, 23:17

Sorry, the following package cannot be selected:

- firefox-en_US-52.5.0-1.mga6.noarch (due to unsatisfied firefox[== 0:52.5.0])

Not sure what's wrong.

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Re: Firefox update

Postby benmc » Nov 20th, '17, 05:57

Likely that your localest mirror had updated the Firefox (US) language pack, and is in the process of updating Firefox itself.
give it a little while and it should complete correctly.

If not, change mirrors and try again
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Re: Firefox update

Postby tonyhb » Nov 21st, '17, 03:49

Many thanks.
Your assessment seems to have been correct.


PS I seem to live across the island from you (Whakatane).
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Re: Firefox update

Postby isadora » Nov 21st, '17, 12:24

Please tonyhb, don't forget to mark the topic [SOLVED].
You can do so, by editing the subject/title in the first message in this topic.
Write [SOLVED] to the left of subject/title, thanks ahead. ;)
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