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Re: Linux VS BSD

Postby liaosing » Nov 30th, '16, 01:56

BSD, the truth

BSD encourages slavery: Sony’s Orbis OS

As you know, news has been that Sony’s new Orbis OS is based on FreeBSD. This new BSD based operating system will include the latest of Sony’s DRM tracking system which will be used to control the machines of it’s customers. All this using BSD: the Operating system what is claimed to be freer and more secure then Linux by it’s zealots. No doubt a lot of right minded people hate BSD people because of it’s prostitute like attitude towards proprietary companies like Apple, Microsoft and lately, Sony (except that prostitutes demand money in return while BSD people let it be taken away free and later beg for money). Phoronix has some exceptional thinkers commenting about this issue faced by free and open source software community as shown here:

Three of the most respectable people I find here are brosis, Pawlerson and especially 0xBADCODE as shown by their arguments against moronic BSD supporters. I know 0xBADCODE from his posts, and his a very smart and wise guy. Like me, he tried out FreeBSD before and experienced the horrors of it’s poor design and just how much BSD developers do not care about their users and instead focus on pleasing their proprietary masters. In the Phoronix trend (link above), 0xBADCODE explains in the greatest detail possibly which BSD should not be used by anyone and for anything.

Going back to Sony and BSD, Sony’s misuse of BSD licensed code to create freedom stripping software/spyware makes it clear that BSD’s license has not guaranteed more freedom to both users and developers. On the contrary it has merely done the opposite and the effects are so much worse then what Microsoft has done.

Sony and Freedom

Sony is a company that is obsess with surveillance, control and domination of not just it’s customers but of people in general and so much so that they resort to security cracking techniques and practices to achieve those ends. An example of this is the ‘Sony BMG “copy protection” rootkit scandal’ where Sony programmed musics CDs such that when they are inserted into a computer, they install a rootkit which modifies the victim operating system to prevent users from burning CDs of any type even if they weren’t from Sony. The rootkit was also programmed to report all user activities to Sony and also allow Sony to remotely wipe the victim’s hard drive or force shutdown their computer. When the sandal was revealed, Sony decided to defend it’s actions and continue instead of stopping and hiding what it has done. They smirking replied that: “Most users do not know what a rootkit is and therefore they should not care about it”. It just goes not show that Sony is nothing more then a “Company” of black-hat crackers who’s purpose is to subvert people’s freedoms. And they do it with BSD license code.

Sony has use GNU/Linux in some of it’s hardware but with the creation of the new GPLv3 and it’s anti-DRM clauses, Sony was forced to abandon it as much of the GNU tools and software that came with GNU/Linux became GPLv3.

BSD licenses and Malicious DRMs

Analysis of Sony’s rootkit and many of other Sony and Apple products shows that they contain BSD code fused together with a DRM or corporate originated rootkits. As a matter of fact, a number research projects have found that 99% of all previously and currently BSD-licensed code are shipped with DRMs or other types of tracking and remote control software. This includes Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and OpenVMS. The only BSD licensed code that comes DRM free are the ones in GNU/Linux in which the GPL prevents DRMs and other company created spyware form being added to the code.

If you are use one of the “free” BSD versions such as “Free”BSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD and think you are running BSD code without any DRMs or spyware whatsoever, think again. “Free”BSD’s proprietary NVidia graphics driver was found to be a DRM rootkit that allows remote control and access of any “Free”BSD machine even if the driver is not in use. Apple has apparently added a DRM in it’s clang compiler that causes FreeBSD to slow down and sometimes even crash when GCC is being used instead.

Theo de Raadt, the infamous dictator of the OpenBSD project and bondage enthusiast as made an agreement with proprietary company Secure Networks allowing them to place a rootkit in OpenBSD in exchange for Secure Networks to make OpenBSD more “secure” and also lately, the implementation of the FBI OpenBSD remote backdoor.

With all this happening people have to be thankful of Stallman’s creation of the GPLv3 which gives software and people protection from these horrible things.

What benefit do the BSD projects get from this?

The answer is the opposite, they literally give up code. Because their moronic BSD license allows the change of the copyright as modification of the source code, the BSD serfs will have to remove the part of their code that Sony used. Therefore the BSDs do not benefit, they don’t even get nothing. They lose the right to their code. This is why BSD is so far behind GNU/Linux in everything. There is no other word to call it. It’s slavery and the BSD people deserve it as well as their other misfortunes but what’s extremely sad is that their own actions are causing the slavery of others.

Really the only way to stop this atrocity by these BSD serfs is to ban BSD style licensing altogether.
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Re: Linux VS BSD

Postby jiml8 » Nov 30th, '16, 02:51

I don't know where to start with addressing the previous post; it is so over-the-top and filled with untruths and half-truths that addressing it at all seems senseless.

I will simply say that I am heavily involved in programming in FreeBSD. I program in the kernel, and in the userspace libs and programs that are included with the core BSD system above the kernel.

All the claims in the previous post about FreeBSD are, to my certain knowledge, false.

As for what Sony is doing with BSD...Sony is what Sony is, and does what they do. I personally tend to avoid Sony products because of the company's behavior.

The BSD license allows unlimited changes to the BSD system; that is the advantage of that license. A "proprietary" NVidia driver is NOT part of BSD, although it may run on BSD; that it is proprietary excludes it from BSD.

That some people commit crimes with guns does not make guns inherently bad; that some people may do sketchy things with BSD does not make BSD bad.

I would have to label this apparent hatred of what is, after all, freely reusable open source code to be totally irrational. BSD is a family of *nix distributions that are good for what they are good for...and for some things they are very good. I, personally, don't think it makes a good desktop system; it is a nightmare to support as a desktop without a LOT of extensions. But it does make a great server system or embedded system.

As for what various organizations decide to use it for...that's on them. Same thing can be said about Linux; it is everywhere and is certainly used for some very uncool things.

Now, I have concluded that the previous poster is trolling; his other thread on this site strikes me that way, and the post on this thread is too over-the-top to be taken seriously. So I won't respond to this poster again; he certainly isn't worth my time.

In fact, this particular post probably wasn't worth my time, but I did it anyway.
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Re: Linux VS BSD

Postby Germ » Nov 30th, '16, 17:30

Bravo! Well said!
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