openmandriva site seems to be gone...

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openmandriva site seems to be gone...

Postby zxr250cc » Aug 29th, '13, 22:32

Hi all,

Many of us used Mandrake/Mandriva in the past. I had also been following openMandriva a bit in the last year but it seems to be down and gone now. I tried to look at the site today and it is now controlled by someone else. If they have shut down it is a shame, I guess.

Anyone else been following that? I had not logged in in about a month and it was working then. :shock:

cheers all,
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Re: openmandriva site seems to be gone...

Postby jkerr82508 » Aug 29th, '13, 22:52

OM are in the process of switching to new webserver software (nginx). ... 00716.html

Meanwhile, the Forum and ML's are still accessible.

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