Arvi Pingus passed away yesterday.

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Arvi Pingus passed away yesterday.

Postby Ken-Bergen » Jun 27th, '13, 04:37

That is truly sad news as Ron was a big contributor to our mother distribution Mandriva.
Here's a link to the announcement on the Mandriva forum.
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Re: Arvi Pingus passed away yesterday.

Postby marja » Jun 28th, '13, 21:07

He was a very friendly and playful guy. He contributed a lot to MCNL (MandrivaClubNederland), too.

He'll be missed by many.
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Re: Arvi Pingus passed away yesterday.

Postby isadora » Jun 29th, '13, 09:19

Returning from holidays, this was one of the first messages i read.

Ron was ill for some time, suffering ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).
The illness broke him down in a very short amount of time.

I will remember him from one Linux-meeting in the Hague, and the pleasant dinner afterwards (for he was adoring Indonesian food), and of course from the times in the Dutch Mandriva-forum, MCNL.
A great guy, lots of fun, and always there to help out.

Ron, you will be greatly missed.

Lots of strength for those you left behind.
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Re: Arvi Pingus passed away yesterday.

Postby wobo » Jun 29th, '13, 09:44

In my age it becomes almost a daily duty to cope with final news about yet another one of those you once knew. Still it never leaves you untouched.
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