Some day after

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Some day after

Postby isadora » Jun 5th, '11, 03:03

It is good to know, that since releasing Mageia 1 there is only some handful of bug-reports.
One way we know, it shouldn't be to dramatic.
Alpha and Beta-testing already gave great and comfortable expectations.

But, when after releasing a first official some problems would occur, nobody at Mageia really surprised.
A very good job has been delivered, as not really expected otherwise, after the Alpha's, Beta's and RC that had gone ahead.
It also makes the road clear for yet another great advantage, up to release 2.

Sure, some things have to be solved, and those have/are(going) been/being taken account of.
And you can trust me, reactions of you people all around, are going to be taken seriously.
There is no other drive for all those involved into the project, to let make it happen.
To let make it happen, that Mageia is going to gain reason for acceptance in a great way.

Thanks for all your suggestions, for all your great words of admiration, for all your given trust.

A great and magical future lays ahead!!!!!!
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Re: Some day after

Postby rc2011 » Jun 8th, '11, 20:53

This was a very good first release. Nicely done.
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