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Re: Mandriva finished for good?

PostPosted: May 7th, '12, 04:50
by ghmitch
wobo wrote:The new COO put his own money on the table: (quote JM Croset) "I have not invested a large part of my own capital to watch losing it."(unquote). He recognizes the main mistakes of former management and is not ready to make the same mistakes

Sorrry, but sounds to me like just a different flavor of what we have heard from Mandriva operatives many times before. Mandriva (the company) thrived only under Gael Duval's leadership. It has been one long down hill slide from his leaving. Somewhat like after Steve Jobs left Apple.

wobo wrote:(at least that's what he told me on the phone :) )


wobo wrote:Depends what you mean with "Mandriva" - the company or the distribution.

The company, of course. But the problem is that the distribution is chained to the company in a way that cripples it. I am convinced that the thing that repeatedly screws up the distribution is the whole problem of company politics that is endemic to the Mandriva culture. With Mageia, I have all the goodness of Mandriva with VERY, VERY few of the heartaches. The way I use my systems, the difference is stark and very obvious looking at them side by side.

wobo wrote:so concerning the distribution there is no news, neither "I'm not dead" nor "Goodbye world". :)

And that just illustrates the problem. The distribution HAS NO VOICE. It is totally beholden to the corporation and the corporation is a financial and managerial cesspool (just my opinion, of course). And, I would hasten to add, I DO HOPE they prove me wrong and make this thing work finally. We would all be better off with a strong and viable Mandriva corporation.

- George

Re: Mandriva finished for good?

PostPosted: May 7th, '12, 20:32
by doktor5000
Well, the last voice kinda left with Adam Williamson, in my opinion. Now he does a superb job over at Fedora.

Re: Mandriva finished for good?

PostPosted: May 15th, '12, 08:27
by isolde
It would be sad to see Mandriva gone for good after all it's done over the years to make Linux user-friendly and newbie-friendly. However, all this just shows what a good move it was to set up Mageia. The spirit of Mandriva will live on in Mageia - probably even better because Mageia is totally community-driven.

Re: Mandriva finished for good?

PostPosted: May 19th, '12, 02:55
by ghmitch
Note the following item:

Mandriva Linux will return to the community
Posted on May 17, 2012 by Jean-Manuel Croset

Dear users, friends, fans and supporters of the Mandriva Linux distribution,

after reviewing all your messages, suggestions, ideas and comments, Mandriva SA took the decision to transfer the responsibility of the Mandriva Linux distribution to an independent entity. This means that the future of the distribution will not be arbitrary decided by the Mandriva company anymore, but we intend to let the distribution evolve in and under the caring responsibility of the community. Mandriva SA will of course be a part of this entity and will support it with direct contributions. It is expected to fulfill this move within the next months and a workgroup of community representatives is being setup right now. This workgroup will be assigned the task to define the structures, processes and organization of the new entity and will start to work in the next few days.

We believe that this new approach is the best to achieve a better relation of Mandriva Linux with its community and to encourage the contributions that will lead to issue the best possible products.

Mandriva SA
Jean-Manuel Croset

Interesting? It will certainly be VERY interesting to see HOW they roll it out!

- George

Re: Mandriva finished for good?

PostPosted: May 19th, '12, 07:50
by wobo
ghmitch wrote:Interesting? It will certainly be VERY interesting to see HOW they roll it out!

And with "HOW" you certainly mean "who"?
As Croset wrote there will be a task group to answer this question. Members of the task group will be Mandrica SA, ROSA, and members of the Mandriva community (like Per √ėyvond, a representative from MIB and others). If these people will be able to find a consensus about organisation, structures and concepts, and if they will be able to round up the necessary manpower in the community, then we will have the answer to that question. So it's still a way to go.

Nice thing about Mandriva SA and this plan: if it succeeds it will be a success of and for the company - if it does not, Mandriva SA can not be blamed.

Re: Mandriva finished for good?

PostPosted: Sep 10th, '18, 15:50
by liao
My friend give a software which can be installed easily in old Mandriva. But with Mageia 4.0 the problems are described below.


Choose KDE (GNOME will lock keyboard and mouth)

-- search for "gcc", and click to uninstall "gcc 4.82"

-- search for "gcc" again and click "gcc3.3"(if nonexistent, then download other config media and updates )

-- search for "tcsh" and install

-- search for "ncurses" and click all the "libncurses*" and install

-- search for "libx11" and click all "libx11-devel" and install

-- install "ncftp" and "gnuplot"(which only Mageia 4 has) the same way

Re: Mandriva finished for good?

PostPosted: Sep 10th, '18, 20:33
by doktor5000
You realize you replied to a thread which is over 6 years old?

Do you actually expect some answers to those questions? If so, please put them in a separate thread in the basic support subforum.
Also, Mageia 4 is end of life since 3 years: