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PostPosted: Apr 13th, '21, 03:12
by yew21
Intelligence consists of three elements: memory, recall and logic. Some might insist to include creativity and intuition. Well, what they don't realize is that these are things that the very purpose of technical education is to keep off limit when thinking. This, for example, is the same reason why all the Godly people tends to fault up whenever they relies on praying to get things done.

Actually, even the memory, recall and logic are not accurate description of intelligence. And this inaccuracy has contributed to the misconception that the human brain is designed for thinking. In computer terminology, memory is storage; recall is accessing data; logic is processing. With these new descriptions, it should be clear that computer is designed to think, not us humans.

Two aspects of computer intelligence pronounces death sentence for humans as thinkers. First, it's our inability to forget. Without the same computer's ability to purge data, human brains are all contaminated with unpurgeable junks, often in the forms of propaganda or faiths. While in any unbiased thinking, the latest and best proven data must be used with zero distraction from past garbage.

Second, logic is simply consistency. It's not an ability to repeat several times, but each and every time, to hell and back. Well, here humans can be compared to computers as monkeys to humans.

By Dr.XX