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Postby yew21 » Apr 9th, '21, 13:13


Humans did not put legs on cars because human considers our legs to be only our accessories. But we consider our brains are us, so we have insisted that computers should be created in the image of our brain.

But brains have flaws, not to mention its detrimental limitations on memory and speed. And worst yet, brain does not have the ability to forget. So, most of our brains have become garbage dumps of antiquated knowledge and outright misinformation.

Today, brain has become a curse on computer.

Why, the very invention of computer initiated with removing the curse of brain to count from 0 to 10, to that of counting from 0 to 1. And in the early stages of the computer, top scientists considered computers as low-intelligent tools, not worthy the time of elite scholars to pursue. In those days, students majored in the solid subjects of physics and math were discouraged from learning to use computers.

Since then, computers have grown so fast that it is almost impossible to track the harms that the curse of brains have imparted on computers. Let me just touch on the watershed capability, that if computer could make a breakthrough, it would finally prove that its intelligence is unlimited, and any comparison to that of human is but a futile effort.

This is the process of thinking where its logic flow branches. In the computer world, it is the IF-THEN-ELSE conditional formulation of a problem.

If a human could do this entirely in his mind, three or more such operations, he would be acknowledged to be intelligent. But the computer, theoretically, could do infinite number of them.

The problem we are facing is humans have not found a way for computer to do that on its own, unless with the mysterious computer programming languages, programming the computers verbatim according to the incremental thoughts by the brain of the human programmer.

I have tried to make computer clone what my brain did in programming IF-THEN-ELSE. But it got me caught in an unmanageable amount of data swapping. The effort appeared so exhaustively huge that I have decided to wait for a better and younger brain to tackle the problem.

And now I am writing this article, exactly because I have been cursed by my brain to delay this project for more than four decades!

Now, after discovering the whole phenomenon was a curse of the brain, I now believe we can solve the problem by retreating to the simplest possible way based on how computer intelligence, not AI, would handle the problem.

The computer intelligence would simply no do the branching!

Computer-intelligence-wise, we should simply program each branch independently. And the added amount of programming and software will be facilitated by the software robots and a comprehensive use of the user interface. We just need to get the job done, leave the speed part to the computer, and done in a way everything is laid out in the open.

Naturally, this is not the end of the story. After we apply this new approach to several realistic problems, we might see some new directives from the computer intelligence to do everything more efficiently, that our brain cannot see at the present.

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