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Speaking as an actual Mage

PostPosted: Aug 31st, '19, 05:18
by Weatherlawyer
I just came across this old gold just wasting my time waiting to go. This might be useful one day:
Electromagnetic pulses from volcanic eruptions play havoc with microprocessors in exactly the same way that they affect people with gout, rheumatism, arthritis and chrohn's disease.

I have always assumed it is due to JavaScript without knowing why, just not getting god's blessing I guess. I gather the President of the USA is revealing that the deep state has been working on directed energy weapons just like us thaumaturges have been saying all along.

If there is anyone interested in rewriting everything all over to make these operating systems bomb-proof, start now, intead of waiting to see big friendly red writings on the wall.

Re: Speaking as an actual Mage

PostPosted: Sep 1st, '19, 23:47
by doktor5000
You seem to be slightly confused, or so it seems. If you want to make your box EMP-proof, then you can you can wrap it literally with a spinfoil hat. You can't make operating systems bomb-proof, they're still made AND operated by humans.

And what in particular is due to javascript?