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Out from the Gog of Magogle

PostPosted: Jul 3rd, '19, 19:57
by Weatherlawyer
I have been thinking of ditching my Virgin account and getting rid of all my Google artefacts. What i want is a VPN such as one of these unless Mageia do such a thing: ... for-linux/

I will have to get a landline and a new ISP but want some decent privacy this time. I don't know what to look out for as I am resistant to linux help sites etcetera. What do I have to look for with a VPN?

Re: Out from the Gog of Magogle

PostPosted: Jul 12th, '19, 17:08
by jiml8
Rule Number One is do not use a free VPN service. They are paying for their bandwidth somehow, and often that somehow is by completely selling you out; sniffing your traffic as it passes through their servers, and then doing...whatever... with that data. Examples abound; search and ye shall find...and ye shall be shocked.

I use ProtonVPN, when I am not using TOR. I have been using Proton Mail for awhile now. I had been using the free protonmail, but last fall, they ran a sale and I purchased 2 years of ProtonMail and ProtonVPN for $144, which is not at all expensive.

I am running it on my android phone and on a Mint VM that is hosted on my workstation. I have it available in my Mageia host and in an opensuse VM that I also routinely run, but the way my security model is organized I don't generally run it on these systems.

My only complaint with ProtonVPN is that the server selection is not huge. However, it is growing, and the VPN seems to work very well. Proton is all about privacy and security, and their products reflect that. They do have a shell-based Linux client that made the setup not painful, though I found the documentation to be inadequate and had to actually read the script to figure out a couple of things.

Re: Out from the Gog of Magogle

PostPosted: Jul 22nd, '19, 09:01
by Weatherlawyer