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Alternatives to Gab

PostPosted: Jun 21st, '19, 17:49
by Weatherlawyer
I have been using Gab for some time but keep finding the same racist posters evading the "Mute" Poster tab, sometimes immediately after another attempt to mute them. One refresh and they are back. Anyone know of an alternative where the mute button works.

Re: Alternatives to Gab

PostPosted: Jun 22nd, '19, 19:28
by doktor5000
I'm not using Gab, but according to some reviews the mute button seems to work. Maybe it's just some usability or browser issue on your end? You may want to explain in some more detail about that evading, although you should probably leave out personal data ;)

For some reviews, but also some alternatives you can check

Re: Alternatives to Gab

PostPosted: Jun 23rd, '19, 17:48
by Weatherlawyer
There quite a few loopholes with Gab and it is infested with racists, I half suspect the people in charge are in on it.
I was looking at GNU social

GNU social but I have no idea how to use a server and there doesn't seem to be an alternative

You can use GNU social today if...

In June 2013, we merged with the StatusNet project.

Visit for the latest news on GNU social but don't expect a link to load it..

Re: Alternatives to Gab

PostPosted: Jun 24th, '19, 18:47
by doktor5000
Regarding GNU social, it seems they don't offer a list of servers on the project page. Check

Where can I join GNU social?
There are many GNU social server instances. That’s another advantage of federation! Some are for people in different parts of the world, some are for people with different interests, some are open to everyone.

You can search the web for GNU social instances in your country or that are run by people with similar interests to you.

Please note that the GNU social project is not responsible for the operation or content of sites that run our software.

There seem to be a few instances listed at

Re: Alternatives to Gab

PostPosted: Jul 3rd, '19, 19:43
by Weatherlawyer
I am waiting to see what JUly the 4th brings.

Re: Alternatives to Gab

PostPosted: Jul 22nd, '19, 09:07
by Weatherlawyer
Weatherlawyer wrote:I am waiting to see what JUly the 4th brings.

No maore Empress wife o empress husband so the new gab is working howerve the amounto of working space they force on you requirws I fwr a larger magnification pair of glassed so I moved to

I wonder what on earth people using mobile phones to read it are doing.