I am introducing myself

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I am introducing myself

Postby fossiili » Nov 15th, '18, 15:01

Occasionally I did not find the right tread for that :(

I'm a grandpa living alone on an island on The Gulf of Finland. I have collected old pc's and use them to install Linux distributions and other free stuff of that like :)

I also have two dogs who stimulate me or vice versa
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I remember the "old" Mandriva well and liked it. Although the KDE-desktop on that time was a bit heavy for my machines. Recently I have a computer running well in Mageia 6.

Sometimes I have problems to memorize the commands used in the terminal. May be I'm a bit old (84 years) or not :roll:
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Re: I am introducing myself

Postby benmc » Nov 15th, '18, 20:18

Hi fossiili and Welcome to Mageia.

Great to hear you are a former Mandrake user, as are a number of older Mageia users (me included) but I am not really in your age group ;)

the thread you are looking for is here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=15 (Welcome and introduce yourself)
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