List of Adam's big dream projects with GNU/Linux

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List of Adam's big dream projects with GNU/Linux

Postby ca-on-adam » Oct 22nd, '18, 00:04

I wanted to share this list, not because I have anywhere close to the skills and willpower to start these projects, but because anyone who is able to work on it could invite me to help with some of the less complicated parts.

A lot of my ideas involve Mageia because I know that more experienced help is still needed in the project. So the more I learn, the more I can help.

Some of the ideas came into being with little or no work on my part, but I am sharing them to show what things are important to me.

  • Create a Mageia XFCE live 32-bit DVD ISO for replacing the heavy GNOME and KDE 32-bit live DVDs. (Done without my help)

  • Revive the software project "CheckInstall" and get it working for all mainstream distributions. It seems to be a crucial tool for users needing to configure/make/make install from source without creating potential problems with their package manager. Either that, or try to find out if there is a good reason it is abandoned, and find out how others compile from source but make it into a package instead of throwing files all around with no accounting.

  • Create a desktop distribution based on openSUSE which is customized to be very smooth and functional, and ship with a great selection of applications for desktop use. (Done without my help - GeckoLinux!)

  • Create a sub-project for Linux From Scratch called "Package Manager from Scratch" or PMFS. I know this is important to learn and practice, since package managers are a very significant part of a Linux distribution. I'm not sure if it will involve creating DEB/RPM software, or if I want to set up a framework for the user to make an entirely new package manager based on choices about how they want it to work. Or let them try either approach.

  • Make Mageia have a non-systemd version as an optional choice. I am not sure which SysVInit software is the best choice, but I recall that OpenRC is one option. I don't know if this could be done by adding packages to the Mageia repo and editing existing packages to be compatible with either a systemd or a non-systemd setup. Or maybe it would be its own distribution, kind of like what Devuan is to Debian. Except without, you know, all the arguments and interpersonal conflict. If it does require a new distro to achieve a non-systemd flavour, I'll put a lot of my effort there, but I'll definitely stay friends with Mageia! Or perhaps take the idea to OpenMandriva for their primary system, since remaining true to Mandriva as it was is a good case for using Init software, as Mandriva was around a long time before systemd.

  • ...And the biggest dream: to become a skilled developer and maintainer of GNU/Linux software!

And that concludes my list of big dreams. I would love to see them all come true, but I know I won't be able to do these things without a lot of learning and hard work.
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