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PostPosted: Dec 24th, '17, 11:28
by isadora
Just before the end of this year, i like to take the opportunity to share some words.

We have seen a moving year in different aspects of life. No need to speak in remembrance of politics, disasters, wars or other demoting issues.
Everybody is fed up in it's own way, and news-sites can provide in overdue about these.

Mageia's highlight was surely the long awaited distribution of Mageia 6.
Following many hurdles and spending carloads of hours by all those hard working volunteers, for which a big thank you is well earned.
Meanwhile the making of the next distribution is in full swing.

We all hope, to have you interested, in making and releasing for our next version, for which the Cauldron is bowling at high stake.

Anyway,.........for all of you reading and following, making and testing, supporting and enjoying:

Have a wonderful, healthy and lucky 2018, with a magical touch!!!!!!!

Re: 2018

PostPosted: Dec 25th, '17, 19:37
by marja
Thanks, isadora, same wishes from me to you and to everyone around!

Re: 2018

PostPosted: Dec 25th, '17, 23:30
by ChuangTzu
Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!!