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Postby isadora » Dec 30th, '16, 23:36

On the brink of a new year i like to take the opportunity, to share some words.

Our forum now counts nearly seven years of useful existence.
Though it's not an overcrowded situation, we can see visitors every day.
Lots of those are long-time Mageians, or even worse :)
We owe many of them great thanks for their everlasting contributions.

Also, new members are welcomed on a regular base, and even more when a new distribution is issued.

Contributions are, what makes Mageia altogether the product it is.
And also now, i can not resist, to recall; bring whatever you can, to help us becoming better, and widespread.

But the main message today:

Girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen, friend and foe:

Have a wonderful, healthy and lucky 2017, with a magical touch!!!!!!!
..........bird from paradise..........

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Re: 2017

Postby rbrick49 » Dec 31st, '16, 01:52

Happy New Year to you Isadora and all Mageia people
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Re: 2017

Postby ranchhand » Dec 31st, '16, 02:25

And the same to everyone.
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Re: 2017

Postby oldcodger » Dec 31st, '16, 11:33

A Happy and Prosperous 2017 everybody.
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Re: 2017

Postby benmc » Jan 2nd, '17, 01:56

New Years wishes from the sunny South Pacific
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Re: 2017

Postby PauloCreto » Jan 12th, '17, 03:04

Happy new year isadora and all!

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