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Postby jiml8 » May 8th, '16, 23:26

I ran across this which apparently is a fork of truecrypt and is under active development.

Has anyone here tried it? is there any interest in packaging it for mageia?
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Re: Ciphershed

Postby doktor5000 » May 9th, '16, 00:35

Didn't try it yet, maybe because of quite some reviews who usually favored veracrypt instead of ciphershed.
Also from what I can tell veracrypt has adressed more of the surfaced truecrypt weaknesses after the audit.

See e.g. ... ryptor_is/
or ... shed/449/3
or ... &t=1285421
There are other alternatives depending what you're looking for.

And looking at the ciphershed releases, that's not what I'd call actively developed or at least providing some stable releases, they only had one release yet:

I was looking at importing veracrypt together with zulucrypt, although veracrypt seems to have some issues with our wxgtk version. Works fine under mga5, but the frontend doesn't behave well under mga6. Give me a shout if you want to try out the mga5 packages.

If you only need a truecrypt replacement also check
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Re: Ciphershed

Postby morgano » Mar 18th, '18, 16:50

Veracrypt is in our repo now (mga6) and seem to work well for at least basic use:
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