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Mageia, I did a bad, BAD thing!!!

PostPosted: Apr 11th, '16, 15:14
by boombaby
Hello, Mageia...

I did a bad, bad thing!

In test-driving another distro (PCLinuxOS 32-bit) on my 32-bit system I found it to be pretty fast, and slick. Being another distro out of the Mandrake-Mandriva line it had the usual excellent capabilities of managing the system at the GUI level. From a personal perspective (and I've talked about my old hardware setup in this forum before) it detected, BOTH, my (modern) monitor capabilities and (old) SiS graphics card too, so I was extremely pleased. It has been the ONLY distro to do that! Even Mageia-5 found my graphics and the MAKE of monitor - but NOT the exact model. (Nevertheless, the working-result in Mageia has been fabulous!)

So where's the problem? Why, now, my mea culpa?

Well, Mageia-5 has been the ONLY distro that I was able to install and run without a hitch, but - even better - it kept going too. Just kept going and going and going! Of course, under Mageia (5) I can manipulate any aspect I need from the GUI level, and I do that because I am reluctant to tinker in the Command Line.

However PCLinuxOS gave me pretty good control too, but even better, it was FAST! It was as fast as Win2K - when I was using that. So, I decided to run with PCLOS for a while (ie instead of Mageia-5). That is the ONLY reason for the decision - that is, it felt "light" and "very fast".

I had installed PCLOS on a smaller testing partition, but was so taken with it that I decided to:
1. reverse my current HD's for better space utilization, and reconfigure ALL partitions.
2. then bring the distro up-to-date (as advised) and see how it would run then.

Step 1. was traumatic because my existing data and setups were pretty-well set perfectly - now I had to reconfigure.
Step 2. was traumatic because I learned that the old SiS-6326 driver was no longer being supported in the updates, which left me in a bind. Without the driver upgrade, other parts of the system were "problematic" for me. You see, PCLinuxOS is a "rolling release". It has to be kept up-to-date CONSTANTLY. [I have always considered that to be an awkward prospect because (A.) that requires intensive attention to the O/S, and (B.) one wrong move and you're without a working system.] Unfortunately, I ended up without a working system.

So, my experience had mixed results. [There is a further experience that came out of it. See the other post for today.]

Mageia-5, however, never missed a beat - ever!

So, I did a bad, bad thing - but here I am, back again! (Umm... ...HI?)


Re: Mageia, I did a bad, BAD thing!!!

PostPosted: Apr 12th, '16, 09:02
by filip
Welcome back boombaby.
I do have one suggestion tough. Backup, backup, backup. That can help often ;).

Re: Mageia, I did a bad, BAD thing!!!

PostPosted: Dec 30th, '16, 02:13
by hmslima
My computer has a SiS video card too, indeed the Mandriva-based distros have a great support for this video card, but Fedora also support my video card (well, at least it gives a proper screen resolution, I didn't make more tests like opening a video).

For now I am a PCLinuxOS user, but I am downloading the full DVD of Mageia for installing it in my computer. I've used Mageia 5.0 once, but I've left Mageia because the system became slow, now I am leaving PCLinuxOS because it has few programs in its repository and some programs don't works (like Calligra Words)

Any advice for preventing my system to become slow?

Re: Mageia, I did a bad, BAD thing!!!

PostPosted: Dec 31st, '16, 04:02
by doktor5000
Open a separate thread and provide some details what you actually mean by becoming slow.

Re: Mageia, I did a bad, BAD thing!!!

PostPosted: Aug 20th, '18, 08:11
by liao
Q : Why does the Window managers, KDE and Gnome have make a mess of some old Fortran software that causes it unable to run anymore ?

Why Mageia still have the C compiler that still support very old 1980s Fortran software ?

Re: Mageia, I did a bad, BAD thing!!!

PostPosted: Aug 20th, '18, 22:46
by doktor5000
Hi, please do not hijack threads, create a new thread if you have an issue.

Apart from that your questions do not make any sense to me.

Re: Mageia, I did a bad, BAD thing!!!

PostPosted: Aug 22nd, '18, 09:57
by wintpe
For testing new mageia releases i put together a 32 bit machine, as several of the qa people were saying they had to retire their old 32 bits because of failure.

I picked the fastest 32 bit hardware i could possibly find on ebay. ie pentium 4 3.2 gig with HT, geforce 7300GT agp, ssd drive, 4 gig of memory.

I can honestly say there is nothing slick or fast about this system.

it takes an age to load, and an age to update and its barely usable.

Its time to think about retiring that old 32 bit stuff and get something productive.

even a second hand 64 bit from ebay bits would be an improvement

regards peter

Re: Mageia, I did a bad, BAD thing!!!

PostPosted: Aug 22nd, '18, 21:19
by morgano
Depends on what you do...
I still use thinkpads T43 and T42 occasionally (32 bit single core 1,8 MHz).
Editing documents, surfing the web, pdf:s filesync no problem. OK booting KDE/Plasma takes a while when i use that monster but suspend/resume is rather quick. The problem seem mostly be disk access speed.

I even pondered soldering in the missing SATA connector in the T43 (it have SATA chip but stupidly only PATA connector) and put in an SSD, but got the connector but lack time and found used T61 (64 bit dual core) very cheaply and they rock.

Still no reason to deprecate 32 bits software as they work for common things long yet, just you dont overload them with inefficient blingbling... Heck, i remember the 0.025 GHz single core (25 MHz 386SX) was very useful for writing documents, making cirquit boards and much else.

These days I often repair/improve 30 years old industrial controllers, so T43 is comparatively brand new. Why should ineffective software render only ten years old equipment "old". Such is not tolerable in an industry where you expect expensive machines last for decades.

Maybe time to deprecate clumsy programming ;)

Re: Mageia, I did a bad, BAD thing!!!

PostPosted: Aug 30th, '18, 14:58
by wintpe
dont think i said depreciate 32 bit software, just hardware.

fine if you have no need for 64 bit software stick with 32 bit.

but if you want to keep on getting updates and for your hardware to continue to work

get something a bit newer is what i was saying.

otherwise stay on the software of that hardware era and risk security issues.

but lifes short and wasting time on unproductive old hardware ........

thats the message im trying to convey.

regards peter :)