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Re: [SOLVED] Unofficial Mageia1 repositories.

PostPosted: May 11th, '13, 11:05
by doktor5000
Yes, ryoshu should at least know whom to contact, if he isn't involved himself.
I've also tried to ping him on IRC, but unfortunately he was offline the last 3 days.

Re: [SOLVED] Unofficial Mageia1 repositories.

PostPosted: Sep 28th, '13, 09:36
by dglent
I added a menu which search for updates of installed paclages: ... noarch.rpm

the menu looks like this:
1 - Search package
2 - Add media
3 - List media
4 - Delete media
5 - Search updates

a little history for this script:
Before some years, i think was probably in 2009, i was in an irc meeting for mandriva communities represantators, see and actually, Oliver (obgr_seneca) has started last year to do something similar for mageia (have a representative for each local community).

There, i have proposed to have a tool to lookup for rpm in 3rd party repos as there were many available.
Anne asked, "ok, can you realise this tool ?"
Ofcourse I am not a developer and the opensource world is just my hobby and passion, so i replied "No" :cry: ,
"anyone else?", nobody (of the participants in the meeting)!
After some years as user, my Linux system absorved me more and more in its depths, and finally i learned to do some things, and i could realise it...

Sorry Anne for the delay!

Re: [COLLECTION] Unofficial Mageia repositories.

PostPosted: Jan 25th, '15, 16:25
by doktor5000
Found another nice overview, translated from czech via googl translate:

Discovered in thread viewtopic.php?f=41&t=7619

Re: [COLLECTION] Unofficial Mageia repositories.

PostPosted: Sep 6th, '15, 22:44
by morgano
... and the same for mageia 5 :

That OneClick URPMI repo adder thingy in viewtopic.php?f=41&t=7619 looks good.

Re: [COLLECTION] Unofficial Mageia repositories.

PostPosted: Nov 9th, '20, 23:40
by morgano
Most or all repos in this thread are gone.

I started adding some currently relevant here, on a page that also describe other methods to get programs into Mageia: ... a_packages

Welcome to add and keep updated :)