Alternate method for Viber on MGA6

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Alternate method for Viber on MGA6

Postby rolf » Nov 6th, '17, 17:35

I've found other solutions in Search but not exactly this method, afaict.

Viber has packaged a deb for Ubuntu and rpm for Fedora, 64-bit only, iianm.
I tried urpmi on the rpm but

Code: Select all
A requested package cannot be installed:
viber- (due to unsatisfied

Google revealed a somewhat aged howto from opensuse for extracting the pertinent parts of the deb to disk with a handy script, Generic Installation Method

Since the current deb uses a different compression for the data archive, I needed to edit the file name and switches to tar in that script to get it to succeed:

Code: Select all
#! /bin/sh
if [ ! -r $1 ]; then
   echo "Usage: $0 <viber DEB distribution file>"
   exit 1;
mkdir $TMPDIR > /dev/null 2>&1
if [ -d $TMPDIR ]; then
        cp $1 $TMPDIR
        echo -n 'Extracting DEB file contents...'
        cd $TMPDIR && ar x $DEBFILE
        echo 'done.'
        echo -n 'Installing Viber files...'
        cd / &&  tar xf ${TMPDIR}/data.tar.xz
        echo 'done.'
        echo -n 'Cleaning up...'
        rm -rf $TMPDIR
        echo 'finished.'
        echo "Can't create temporary directory ${TMPDIR}!"
        exit 1;

First, I was a little worried about fouling up my system running this script as root, comparable to --force with rpm, but I just did it. Early days but system is still working and this desktop Viber seems very nice. The program is at /opt/viber/Viber and I created a menu entry with the KDE application menu editor. So far, so good.
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Re: Alternate method for Viber on MGA6

Postby doktor5000 » Nov 6th, '17, 21:34

As mentioned in the older threads, installation of the rpm should work fine with urpmi --allow-nodeps.
Or you could use alien to convert the .deb to rpm. Not sure why a custom script would be necessary for that ...
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Re: Alternate method for Viber on MGA6

Postby rolf » Nov 11th, '17, 13:30

doktor5000 wrote:Not sure why a custom script would be necessary

It's an "Alternate method", not necessary. I spent some time, did some work, learned some things, and discovered a solution to a problem. After what might be significant effort, I occasionally find a method that solves a problem for me and think it might be worthwhile to post it, possibly being of interest to others. It's a choice, not a directive.
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