Setup of Realtek RTL8852 Wifi Adapter on Lenovo Legion 5

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Setup of Realtek RTL8852 Wifi Adapter on Lenovo Legion 5

Postby duncangareth » Aug 28th, '21, 00:06

My trusty Lenovo Thinkpad W530 died, and due to a shortage of funds, I replaced it with a Lenovo Legion 5 15ach6 gaming laptop. This machine uses a Ryzen 7 cpu and an integrated NVME SSD and Realtek network interfaces. When I ordered the machine, I had no idea that I would have trouble setting up the wifi interface after installing Mageia 8.

The controller is listed as "Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device 8852" in the "lspci" listing.

When I tried to configure the wifi interface using MCC, the interface is listed, but, when selected, it returns an error message stating that the interface can't be found. This seems rather absurd, since the device is listed correctly by the utility.

I solved the problem in the following way:

In a root terminal session, run the following, after installing git and the relevant kernel development package:
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git clone -b v5
cd rtw89
make install
modprobe -r rtw89_pci
modprobe -r rtw89core
modprobe rtw89pci

This will remove the malfunctioning kernel module and replace it with the correct one.
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Re: Setup of Realtek RTL8852 Wifi Adapter on Lenovo Legion 5

Postby doktor5000 » Aug 28th, '21, 00:19

Thanks for sharing :)
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