Tips for someone coming from other distros

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Tips for someone coming from other distros

Postby Dlrobin874 » Nov 2nd, '20, 18:38

Hey all, pretty new around here. Been trying out Mageia 7 and so far I'm actually liking it a lot. (Coming from mostly using Debian/Ubuntu, although I've played around with Fedora and OpenSUSE some too).

So I wanted to ask, what are some tips/tricks/things I should know to quickly feel "at home" and avoid causing myself problems? Stuff I should do, shouldn't do, things unique to Mageia (either technically or culturally) I should be aware of, etc.

(Hope this is an ok subforum for this, it didn't seem specifically tech-support focused to put there, but feel free to move if needed).
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Re: Tips for someone coming from other distros

Postby doktor5000 » Nov 2nd, '20, 19:45

Hi there and welcome,

for something that is different compared to Ubuntu, you would need to configure sudo as it's not configured by default:

For something that is specific to Mageia, have a look at for documentation regarding the Mageia Control Center.

Otherwise, have a look at our wiki for some more documentation, and feel free to ask if you're missing something.
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Re: Tips for someone coming from other distros

Postby benmc » Nov 2nd, '20, 21:05

Hi and welcome to Mageia.

Software management.
Configuring Mirrors - you can either let the system automatically chose the mirror for use, or you can specify your own preferred mirror.
Enable Core, Non-free (and optional Tainted) and or the 32bit ones as well.
no others unless you need the back-port set as well.
and just the 1 full set.

No PPAs here, but sometimes a user will advertise a non-supported package availability and download address.

root access is enabled, and if you *need* to act as root user, use with care.
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