Mageia 6 Kernel & Release Date??

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Mageia 6 Kernel & Release Date??

Postby MaverickJaxson » Aug 5th, '20, 14:27

good day several years back i took a look at linux and out of the flavors out there i settled on mandrake/mandriva, and now with windows 10 i''m seriously looking to dump windows. i decided to take a look at various flavors of linux out currently and was very impressed with mageia, and even more impressed to find out that it's a fork off the original mandrake/mandriva. i currently have 5 in vm and am very impressed with it. that said is there any update on which kernel will be used for 6, and is there a tentative released date for 6 yet?thanks in advance for any information and help with this.
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Re: Mageia 6 Kernel & Release Date??

Postby Germ » Aug 5th, '20, 16:30

Mageia is up to the 7.1 release. Sounds like you need to upgrade.

Mageia 6 is at end of life.
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Re: Mageia 6 Kernel & Release Date??

Postby doktor5000 » Aug 5th, '20, 16:57

FWIW, the lifecycle information is available via Support > Lifecycle at the top of the website:
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