ISO generation

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ISO generation

Postby schnappi » May 19th, '20, 13:26

Hello All

I am not asking for support. So posting this in general discussion section.

Just wanted to know an overview of the steps to be done to generate an ISO.
How simple/complex is it?
Is it possible to host monthly ISOs on website? Eg: M7.1.5.20 (M7.1 in May 20)/M7.1.6.20 (M7.1 in June 20) etc and so on?
Or just drop the .1. So M7.12.19.../M7.4.20.../M7.7.20... and so on.

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Re: ISO generation

Postby doktor5000 » May 19th, '20, 18:53

generally creation of an ISO is done with one command, genisoimage.
If you are asking about Mageia ISO creation, that is described in the wiki:

And yes, it's certainly possible to host monthly ISOs on some website.
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