Mageia 7 has been released

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Mageia 7 has been released

Postby zackxoxo » May 18th, '20, 21:35

How is stability? How frequent are patches and other updates delivered?

Does it support flatpaks?

How is the memory footprint of say the default desktop? (IMO this became pretty bad on latest fedora versions)

Is a minimal install viable if needed?

Does still rely on the old mandrake "wizards" (last time I used mandrake was back in the late 90s) ? Do the configuration files for services are heavily modified or close to upstream? (for example debian changes how apache is configured a lot and adds scripts to handle it's sites)

How about support for some propietary stuff like Steam and the like? do you have something like RPMFusion or debian's non-free repo?
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Mageia 7 has been released

Postby zackxoxo » May 18th, '20, 21:37

I am curious about it. I have left Fedora for Debian because I had bad experiences with the latest releases. This seems like an interesting community based project. I might give it a whirl on my spare disk.

Can someone recommend any good review about this distro? (mostly the technical side, don't care much about the desktop part)
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Re: Mageia 7 has been released

Postby benmc » May 19th, '20, 09:00

a google search ... eia+review returns About 495,000 results (0.41 seconds) .

you can best answer your queries by doing a little of your own research.

in the supported releases, you can expect patches / updated packages usually at least weekly.
like all things if no patches are released upstream or bugs fixed that week from Mageias bugzilla, there will be no updates available.

I would suggest you install in a Virtual machine and run Mageia for a month or so.
This will give you a feel for updated package frequency, memory foot print etc.
there a quite a few desktops available, and they all appear to cohabit any install without issue, so you can quickly compare desktop footprint by logging out of one and changing to another, then logging back in.
you can change Display Managers and choose either Wayland or compositors if you want to compare system responses.

Stability: I have heard of these, (crashes) but never experienced one in Mageia release, YMMV.
I have mainly Intel hardware, with the odd broadcom and nvidia here and there.

repos are divide into :Core, Non-free, and Tainted, then some 32bit as well.

enjoy exploring Mageia.
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