Power9 CPU support

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Power9 CPU support

Postby siolux8 » Mar 28th, '20, 23:21

Hello together,
I would like to find users/developers to support/ port Mageia linux also to the Power9 / Power-ISA architecture.
As to read here :: https://www.raptorcs.com/TALOSII/ there is an opensource Motherboard,
also Firmware https://www.coreboot.org/.
Several YT / TechChannelshave discussed / featured this Architecture :: https://youtu.be/5syd5HmDdGU Forget x86; OpenPower is it! Talos II Secure Workstation! | https://youtu.be/o5Ihqg72T3c POWER9 & Raptors? Oh my! - TalosII Talk & Interview w/ Raptor Computing Systems

If Mageia could be Ported also to this Architecture it would gain the benefit of this new community (users ,engineers etc).

MfG from Germany
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Re: Power9 CPU support

Postby jibz » Apr 3rd, '20, 10:41

Hello !

Porting for Power9... I believe we need much more resources, buying material (we don't cross-compile) on Power9, integrating it on the Build System, building all packages for Power9... Maintaining packages and fix them for the new hardware... We are not enough...

But, if Power9 support classic instruction set (x86_64, i586, ARMv7 or Aarch64), then it will be possible to port for that hardware (TalosII), the work is much more light.

For the firmware, as it is a firmware, normally the Operating System has nothing to do with. The firmware launch the bootloader (grub, lilo, u-boot, ...) and the bootloader launch Mageia. It is a chain.

Cdlt from France
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