You doing' are so bad that I got a butthurt

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You doing' are so bad that I got a butthurt

Postby Bazil » Oct 4th, '18, 21:45

Really, EDGE-IT and Co, why so damn simple bugs can't be fixed RIGHT NOW, I talks about KDE mostly.
I'm old Mandriva user, which was a employer of Mandriva Russia back than, and now I just can't use the system because of it looks and feels like a schoolboy LiveCD of cracked Fedora Core 3. Damn ugly themes and colors, gigantic fonts in Firefox(which is not even pre-configured, but just BUILT FROM SOURCES). Mandrake was a great system for it's times, but MCC
is f%%ucken stone age old and could be not ported to even such a simple framework as QT. Gael was genius BTW. Why so horrify wallpapers as default? Did you seen modern distros such as Zorin, Manjaro, elementary? They looks like a beautiful flowers, while mageia 6 as Windows95 with compositing(default KDE from Neon project looks better).

There is over ninth thousands bugs in your bugzilla, and some of them are from 2015!!! 2015, Carl!! It was like a FKIN three years ago! Yes now you can't sell PowerPacks for gold, but if things goes so bad why you still living agghh, just say we are dead Jim and don't push suffer to your users. Or find a great sponsor in French gov, do something as I do with my bugreports(which is still OPENED). Do you remember how many release feature requests was planned for Mageia 6, and which of them was actually implemented? LIke a half.

Of course you can say bwabwabwa, use other Linux if you are such a weak person ha-ha, but as I remember Mandriva/Mageia was distro for SIMPLE PEOPLE like I'm.

Really do something, or year later you willn't find Mageia in Distrowatch list. Do you really use mageia 6 as your main and only desktop system nowadays, or just build it for plebs from your Virtual Machines?!

It was a great community back than, was very fun and productive to talk and work with team. Return my system to TOP3 PLZ.
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Re: You doing' are so bad that I got a butthurt

Postby filip » Oct 4th, '18, 23:09

In my opinion and experiance Mageia is still great distro AND community. So I have a question for you. How do you intend to help? You don't need to be hard core kernel developer to participate as there are many different tasks to do and it seems you know many of them well.
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Re: You doing' are so bad that I got a butthurt

Postby morgano » Oct 5th, '18, 10:53

Regarding visual design i see your only post earlier was about this too. Please join the artwork group and put effort on your ideas there. Personally i like it as it is, except i have changed the KDE default Plasma desktop background to a smooth dim white-beige.

Same for MCC. I like it, and command line, and got comparatively frustrated on both Ubuntu, Mint, and Microsoft systems where you really have to work much harder to do some settings.

I am a long time Mandriva/Mageia user, like it a lot and participate some on QA i return.

So yes if you really do care: really YOU do something too :)
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Re: You doing' are so bad that I got a butthurt

Postby martinw » Oct 6th, '18, 12:28

Bazil wrote:Really, EDGE-IT and Co, why so damn simple bugs can't be fixed RIGHT NOW

Edge-IT was liquidated in 2010, so it's unlikely they will be fixing any bugs.
You do realise this is the Mageia forum, don't you...
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