difference Debian vs. Mageia

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difference Debian vs. Mageia

Postby andi89gi » Aug 14th, '18, 23:07

Hello everybody;)

I'm pretty new in using and working Mageia. Therefore I may have a simple question: What is the difference between Debian and Mageia. I know that Debian is also a community based Distro, working with .deb/apt-get. But I a not sur, if programs like Android Studio, Visual Studio are allowed to install. Same topic about using snap/flatpak in Debian.

How is it here in Mageia? Would it be okay to install programs of snap/flatpak?


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Re: difference Debian vs. Mageia

Postby doktor5000 » Aug 15th, '18, 03:23

As already mentioned in your crosspost in the german forums, main difference is the package management/format, .deb/dpgk vs. rpm.

And I don't get the question about if any software is "allowed to install" ? You can install any software on your box as you wish, where's the relation to the distro in use?

And why shouldn't it be okay to install flatpak?
snap(d) on the other hand is not available at all.
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Re: difference Debian vs. Mageia

Postby morgano » Aug 17th, '18, 10:51

andi89gi wrote:Hello everybody;)Would it be okay to install programs of snap/flatpak?

There are many https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Ways_to_install_programs in Mageia :)
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Re: difference Debian vs. Mageia

Postby JoesCat » Sep 3rd, '18, 02:10

Having used Mageia for a long time, and also contributing to development of FontForge and other applications I can give you some perspective.

Back in the past, the main distros anyone really knew were Debian, Redhat, SuSE, Mandrake.
Mandrake concentrated on the desktop and user ease of use.
Debian concentrated on stability
Redhat and SuSE concentrated on leading and bleeding edge.

Today, there are a lot of distros available, but from a development point of view, I look at it this way...
RedHat runs a more stable cycle for businesses (Centos forks from RedHat), Fedora does the bleeding edge experimentation for RedHat so that RedHat can be seen as stable, Mageia is a mainly desktop distro and borrows a bit from Fedora but also has things Fedora won't have. PCLinux was a Mandrake fork, I've tried it, but find I like Mageia better.
On the Debian side, stability is still main focus, Ubuntu tries to bring updates sooner to Debian, and is sort of like Ubuntu is to Debian like Fedora is to RedHat. Other distros try to fork from Debian or Ubuntu (example Mint).
For package comparisons, you can look at distrowatch to see who's got latest/greatest.

As a fontforge contributor, I tend to see it like this.
Develop patches and testing on Mageia, but target successful install on Fedora (which gets forked to Mageia, RedHat, Centos, SuSE,...), and target successful install on Debian (which gets forked to Ubuntu, Mint, and other debian based forks).
Debian successful install was the most stubborn and hardest to finally get resolved, later than Fedora, but once done, it gets accepted into other distros easier. For example, look at how many distros here list debian or fedora as their main contacts.
https://repology.org/metapackage/libuni ... t/versions

As a developer...this is an interesting note... there were a lot of issues and problems asked about problems installing fontforge on distro X Y or Z where I looked at the question and was "huh? I thought this sort of problem was figured out long ago. Why are they stuck on this? ...oh yeah, needs catching-up". The thing is, there's a lot of nice things running fine in Mageia I've already taken for granted as working, but some distros are still falling-over and having trouble with.

For your question about installing programs, first choice is mageia, and mageia tainted.
If you're going to mix and match programs from non-mageia repositories, the advice I could say is - build from source-code, do not import binaries from non-mageia repositories.
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