Mageia 5, an awesome release!

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Mageia 5, an awesome release!

Postby AstorBG » Aug 14th, '18, 11:47

Now, that Mageia 5 is officially out of date (, I would like to thank to all mageicians
that developed and supported this fine release! Wadda an awesome rease it was!
I haven't experienced more stable and refined KDE4 release (not even Debian 8, Kubuntu 14.04, CentOS 7 and many others).
I still use it as a production desktop, media platform, gaming, sci. calculations, programming.
And believe me, I have abused this system a loooot ... not a single crash, none! This is especially true for Mageia 5.1 release.
Maybe I was lucky with my hardware. However, I take good care of it. Mageia 5, it almost turned as a LTS release :). It was released around Aug 2015 (if I am not wrong) and was supported (partially) till 30 Jul 2018. Who said Mageia has no LTS? :) Anyway, I think soon I have to upgrade to Mageia 6 and I hope I won't be dissapointed because so far my nVidia card doesn't like much Plasma 5. I will be waiting for Mageia 6.1 release and then upgrade.
What was your experience with M5?

Thanks once again,

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Re: Mageia 5, an awesome release!

Postby filip » Aug 15th, '18, 22:43

AstorBG wrote:What was your experience with M5?

Thanks AstorBG. I can only add +1 :D .
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Re: Mageia 5, an awesome release!

Postby Sutter » Aug 17th, '18, 16:25

That's a stellar review, Astor. Thanks for sharing your experiences so far. Now I can't wait to try it out!
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Re: Mageia 5, an awesome release!

Postby benmc » Aug 18th, '18, 10:46

cant argue with the OP.

multiple systems from creaky 32bit to i5 core processors with various intel, ati/radeon and nvidia graphics.
even a particularly finicky broadcom bcm4311 wifi module that only works with the non-free broadcom driver, not the free driver. (can be setup without wired internet connection)

even with all the updates over the supported life, all systems had no critical errors after applying updates.

congrats to all the Mageians for all their work for Mageia 5.
Going by how Mageia 6 has also performed, the various teams really do know how to do their stuff.
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Re: Mageia 5, an awesome release!

Postby JoesCat » Sep 3rd, '18, 02:38

+1 = Excellent post @AstorBG
distrowatch shows Mageia fairly low, but then you think about it... if it "just works fine" why hunt for something else?
I've had to deal with issues on other distros and sometimes ask myself "what? thought this was figured out long ago".

The Mageians did a fine job.
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Re: Mageia 5, an awesome release!

Postby saptech » Oct 17th, '18, 03:11

IMO, Mga5 was the best release yet! Kudos to the developers and all others involved in a fine distro. Nothing against Mga6 and beyond!
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