Mageia 6 Is Just Lovely!

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Mageia 6 Is Just Lovely!

Postby yankee495 » Feb 1st, '18, 12:05

Hello all,

Ok, I'm always impressed but I'm really impressed with Mageia 6. I know it won't last long in its present state before I start customizing it, but the look is so polished.
I had a power failure that caused my Mageia 5 install to have a boot issue. It boots but it needs work so I went ahead and did a clean install of Mageia 6 to work on 5.
I had planned to upgrade 5 to 6 to try and save a lot of work but I may just export everything out of 5 and import it all into 6.

I had zero problems installing on my machine, which is by today's standards, quite old. It's an i5-3570K built in 2012 or 2013, I forget, but it still runs great.
Yes, I see the new shiny 12 core CPUs etc, but I'm good for now and a while to come, I believe.

Back to Mageia 6. I haven't spent long with it but it's just beautiful. It's got such a smooth layout and I like the out of the box look, which to me looks more modern.
I'm sure there are problems, there always is with every new OS release, but usually it's noting that you can't live with for a short while.
I'll be upgrading my wife's computer and my neighbour's, who by the way, after 30 years, has moved, but she still loves Mageia! I better not tell her how nice it is or she'll be rushing me! I think she can do it but I want to be there to make sure she does it right which will save me work in the long run. Besides, I haven't seen her in about 6 months.

I can tell a tremendous amount of work went into Mageia 6 and those people all deserve a lot of credit. It's a very impressive piece of work! I was watching the delays all the while thinking it must be a tough one. I can see why it was delayed. Total rewrites of KDE stuff to deal with and I read about so many changes I lost track. I can imagine programmers trying to implement their features using all new methods while dealing with new bugs all over the place. It sure was worth the wait.

I've always wished Mageia would gain the popularity it once had as Mandrake and it still has most of the tools that people loved so much.
I wouldn't be surprised if Magiea 6 attracts quite a few new users and I still tell everyone I know.

In fact, my other neighbour wants me to install it as soon as she gets a good SSD. She's legally blind and thought about switching for a long time because she has issues with Windows. Windows 10 update keeps changing her things and she just can't deal with that. The last straw was a Windows 10 update that keeps her computer from booting. It insist on installing a particular update and you can roll it back, but it'll reinstall it at some point and it freezes her computer at boot. I haven't used Windows in years and don't know how to stop it. From what I read, you just gotta get the updates whether you like it or not. Also, being blind, she needs highly customized and enlarged fonts, everything must be big. Her computer is 90 percent of her interaction with other people and other blind people all over the world.

She likes the idea of not being so prone to viruses, running faster on her hardware, and customizations staying put. I'm going to spend however long it takes to make it as perfect as I can for her and I'm sure she'll stick with it. She doesn't fiddle with things and uses it pretty much as an appliance for games and communication. I've checked her software requirements and I don't think she needs any functionality that isn't available in Mageia.

Ok, I didn't aim to go into all of that but I'm seriously impressed with Mageia 6 and I'm sure she will be too. She may be upset I didn't do it sooner! ;)
Why didn't you tell me how nice it is? Umm, I did!

I hope everyone is doing good in the new year and that it brings you good things!
I've had a few health issues unrelated to smoking but I quit back in October 2017 so my New Year's resolution was to not start smoking again! I have it licked!
I've been very busy and just haven't had the time to stop in much. Usually in the winter I have a bit more free time so I'll try and drop by a little more.

I will for sure post any problems I have and the fix if I figure them out. After all, I'm doing five machines. I have two myself, and then my wife, and two neighbours.
Oh, and the blind neighbour's son is interested, so maybe six Mageia 6 installs!

It's late but Happy New Year and Good Luck to you all! And thanks to all of you for the work you do on Mageia!
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Re: Mageia 6 Is Just Lovely!

Postby isadora » Feb 1st, '18, 12:54

Thank you very much yankee495!!!! :)
Keep strong and enjoy the magical times with Mageia!!!!
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Re: Mageia 6 Is Just Lovely!

Postby filip » Feb 1st, '18, 16:06

Thanks yankee495. Good luck with all your installs.
I went XFCE with Mageia 6 and I'm also really impressed.
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