plasma is ruined

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plasma is ruined

Postby oj » Aug 11th, '17, 18:53

I used KDE for very specific reasons, it was perfect for my work flow. But the plasma team literally eliminated everything I used in KDE, for example having different 'widgets' on different desktops. Now they are all the same, if you set up multiple desktops on one activity.

To regain that function you must set up multiple activities, but switching between them is a pain compared to the old desktop pager.

They even went so far as to remove the weather widget I used, none of the remainders work for me. I don't understand their motivations but it is what it is.

As for multiple activities, gnome shell had that nailed long ago, they come and go as you please. With plasma you have to set them up permanently, I'm sure taking up a lot more memory than the multiple desktops did.

I'll have to use gnome, I suppose. For my wife's machine we are not going to upgrade to Mageia 6, we'll just live with an unsupported system. She likes and wants to continue to use desktops with different widgets.

BTW My GM107M [GeForce GTX 960M] simply will not configure. It locked up in the process on Mageia 5, leaving me having to go to a terminal and reset the i810 that this machine also has. In Mageia 6 it said it completed the setup but no graphics on boot. Again I had to go to a different terminal and reset it to intel. It would be nice to be able to use the nvidia, this is an i7 machine and has a ton of memory, I'm sure the performance of the nvidia graphics would be exceptional.

I haven't tried other distros to see if they can handle the card, I'm too busy, alternating with too lazy, to try.

Other than the cups downgrade, everything else is working beautifully, great job Mageia team! And thank you! I have been a user since the Mandrake days, the only other distros I have running in various (other than home) places are Debian and fedora. Debian handles VPN far better than Mageia, I've never gotten it to work on any Mandrake/Mandriva/Mageia system. I'm sure it's a PEBKAC issue. But even manually editing configs doesn't make it work. I've never been able to figure what goes where in the MCC GUI...

BTW one Debian system I manage has been up for a bit over 800 days... amazing. Haven't so much as rebooted it, the user wants it that way, up and running NOW! (dammit!!) when she wants to use it. She made it clear I was not to touch it, I guess because all other attempts that other folks made to set her up with a VPN were problematic.

Also I should announce that during a recent CT scan the doctors discovered I have a brain tumour, an aneurysm on the thoracic artery and something wrong with my liver. Living in the US as I do I have no insurance, so I doubt I'll get any of it fixed. I may be on borrowed time. But way I figure I've been on borrowed time since 1977 when my dad fell asleep while driving and hit a tree. If it hadn't happened in a village, witnessed by one of the town's ambulance drivers, I would have died. So as of today I've had 40 years and 14 days I potentially might have not enjoyed.
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Re: plasma is ruined

Postby isadora » Aug 12th, '17, 13:46

Shocking experience having such results from a scan.
All i can think of is, wishing you strength and hope of any mitigation possible.

Keep on going, don't let spirit fall!!!
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Re: plasma is ruined

Postby xboxboy » Aug 13th, '17, 13:04

Best of luck OJ.
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Re: plasma is ruined

Postby oj » Aug 13th, '17, 15:48

with the video? ...:D
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Re: plasma is ruined

Postby omnio » Oct 9th, '17, 17:58

Oj, I partly agree with you, and I say "partly" because in my opinion Plasma is not ruined right now, it has always been ruined. KDE 3 was such a nice environment, user friendly (following the user model), stable, flexible and so on. Then KDE 4 went out but it wasn't at all a natural continuation of KDE 3 but rather a new concept bloated and designed to craaaaawl. It's like the KDE team set up a huge brainstorming session having the theme "Let's figure out how to do the same things we did till now but eating up at least 10 times more resources". And the result was KDE 4, Plasma or whatever you want to call it.

I'm not saying goodbye to KDE/Plasma today, I did it when KDE 3 died. Or rather, I'm not saying goodbye to Plasma because I never said hello to it.
Plasma should be banned as the default environment on any linux distro at this moment. It's just a... counterintuitive hog.

I agree that Debian, just like Mageia, is an AMAZING distro, never to underestimate.
Another strange coincidence is that I have the same nvidia/intel problem as you do on an i5. I can set it up on Ubuntu but I don't like Ubuntu so that doesn't count :)

Best wishes to you!
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Re: plasma is ruined

Postby doktor5000 » Oct 10th, '17, 09:25

There's still trinity if you like KDE3, and I believe they still keep their repos current: ... structions
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Re: plasma is ruined

Postby zeebra » Dec 9th, '17, 16:06

In regards to different widget sets for each desktop, I was a big fan of that as well. I was never a fan of activities, but now I've been forced to use activities instead of desktops. It kinda works in the same way anyways, just less convenient.

omnio, I was a big fan of KDE3 as well, but all in all Plasma is actually quite brilliant, it has grown on me. Plasma 5 is a bit annoying though, where they try to make you use huge buttons and titlebars, and they still failed to make any of the standards transparent and/or pretty. So mine are still gray, unless I want to use the somewhat bugged oxygen-transparent or some setup with some huge ugly buttons and a massive ugly title bar.

Most core functions of Plasma 4 are still there though. Some are missing, but let's hope they bring them back like they always do.
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