Thank you for keeping 32 bit alive

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Thank you for keeping 32 bit alive

Postby trpted » Jan 3rd, '19, 19:01

One of issues of Distro Watch Weekly has/had some topics including if 32-bit prematurely obsoleted or not.

Since I can not offer any money or time to assist you at this time, thank you for keeping 32 bit alive.
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Re: Thank you for keeping 32 bit alive

Postby morgano » Jan 3rd, '19, 23:38

I am also happy for it (using some Thinkpad T4x laptops) :)
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Re: Thank you for keeping 32 bit alive

Postby katnatek » Jul 2nd, '19, 02:54

Here other user happy that Mageia don't be part of the "kill 32bit" mode ;)

I don't have enough words to thank to all the people that makes mageia possible
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Re: Thank you for keeping 32 bit alive

Postby isadora » Jul 2nd, '19, 07:44

It's enough. ;)
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Re: Thank you for keeping 32 bit alive

Postby vatbier » Aug 17th, '21, 19:01

Thanks again for making also a 32 bit version of Mageia 8.
My old netbook is happy with it.
Only downside so far is that Chromium 89 (32 bit) can not log in into Google. So if I want to check my gmail I use Firefox (32 bit) to log into Google.
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