Distrowatch poll on Mageia replacement among major distros

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Distrowatch poll on Mageia replacement among major distros

Postby ITA84 » Jan 28th, '19, 10:29

Today's Distrowatch Opinion Poll is about Mageia, but unfortunately it isn't good news, as they're thinking of replacing it with one of the newer distros which have become more popular (at least on the site) in the list of 'major distros'.


I have made this topic to see what you all think about this.

Personally, even though I don't find any of the replacements to be particularly relevant in the Linux distro landscape, I have to say the reasons for phasing Mageia out of the Top Ten are legitimate, and there may be other distros which are more relevant today; I also don't find the Distrowatch Top Ten ranking to be that important, though, as new users are more likely to find a distro to use via other means, but it felt kind of sad to see Mageia being put aside, it and the Mandrake line of distros being the ones I've used the most.
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Re: Distrowatch poll on Mageia replacement among major distr

Postby benmc » Jan 28th, '19, 22:38

reading the comments section is quite "enlightening".

just checked this morning, and Mageia seems to still have a pulse, (also last user review 28/01/2019 on DW).
Mageia users just seem to get on with life, Distrowatch does not see really that important to me.
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Re: Distrowatch poll on Mageia replacement among major distr

Postby buster » Feb 7th, '19, 02:28

Jesse on Distrowatch liked Mandrake back then, and I think he had a soft spot for it and its children over the years. Suspect he sees Mageia as a worthy descendant. But he also liked Mepis later, and MX, its child, is not only easy and good,but very popular. Life goes on for those who like Mageia and use it. Agree with ITA84 it might cost us some new users, and benmc that we just have to get on with life. If it's a good distro with friendly forums, there will not be a problem.

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Re: Distrowatch poll on Mageia replacement among major distr

Postby johnpenguin » Feb 28th, '19, 02:17

There are many distributions that seem to be the fad of the day, but lack substance. For example, their installer is seriously lacking compared to Mageia and they just feel amateurish. So, what is relevant today doesn't matter that much, as Mageia has been relevant for many years and still becomes better with every release :) :) :)
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