FF character encoding issue in Mageia 2 ?

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FF character encoding issue in Mageia 2 ?

Postby tonystang2727 » Nov 13th, '18, 12:16

Hi everyone,

I'm running Mozilla Firefox 17.0.8 in a KDE distro of Linux called Mageia 2. I'm having problems in character encoding with certain web pages, meaning that certain icons like the ones next to menu entries (Login, Search box etc.) and in section headlines don't appear properly. Instead they appear either in some arabic character or as little grey boxes with numbers and letters written in it.

I've tried experimenting with different encoding systems: Western (ISO 8859-1), (ISO 8859-15), (Windows 1252), Unicode (UTF-8), Central European (ISO 8859-2) but none of them does the job. Currently the char encoding is set to UTF-8. The same web page in Chrome (UTF-8) gives no such problem.

Can you help me, please?
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Re: FF character encoding issue in Mageia 2 ?

Postby Germ » Nov 13th, '18, 13:34

You should upgrade. We are up to Mageia 6 now. Mageia 2 is so obsolete and went end of life several years ago.
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