Need a good Skype alternative

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Need a good Skype alternative

Postby ahripon19 » Oct 26th, '18, 22:39

I need some sort of video conferencing software for a few weeks. Skype won't install on my system (it keeps complaining about some library that I have installed but it can't find) so I've been looking for alternatives. So far I've tried the following but all of 'em have some problem or another:

ekiga installs properly but says "Security check failed" whenever I test Echo Services, and I can't call another user

qtox crashes whenever I try to view the Audio/Video setting under Preferences

I installed jitsi from but I can't seem to find it in my menu or start it from terminal. Additionally the internet seems to indicate that jitsi is at version 2-something, while the latest I can find is version 1.0-256.

Please give me Suggestions for best skype alternative?

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