Mageia 4 is out!

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Mageia 4 is out!

Postby ennael » Feb 1st, '14, 12:49

Hi fellow Mageia people

After long days of debugging, and testing, Mageia 4 is finally out in time as mentionned on the planning.

That was a great effort for everybody and you did an amazing work. Thanks a lot all for that!

Here is the official announcement on Mageia blog: ... -mageia-4/

Magiea is at the moment in FOSDEM, in Bruxelles. We will be able to speak about this brand new release.

General assembly of Mageia.Org will take place there also in building H, room 3.228

Looking forward to see some of you


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Re: Mageia 4 is out!

Postby Creto » Feb 1st, '14, 20:12


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Re: Mageia 4 is out!

Postby alzea » Feb 2nd, '14, 09:32

Congratz! :D

Keep up your good work!
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Re: Mageia 4 is out!

Postby oldcodger » Feb 2nd, '14, 10:10

Downloaded & seeding, not installed yet so I will save the congrats 'til then.
Congrats on all the hard work though.
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Re: Mageia 4 is out!

Postby pete910 » Feb 2nd, '14, 15:34

Awesome, Had a nice blue notification icon telling me MGA4 was released. Was a nice surprise. That coupled with the AMD mantle driver release for BF4, having some fun today. Just trying the 14.1 *nix drivers at the mo. so I'll do an upgrade later. Although I might do a clean/fresh install .

Good work Guys/Gals !!!!
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Re: Mageia 4 is out!

Postby made_in_womb » Feb 2nd, '14, 16:57

Installed Mageia 4 on my desktop - New build and it installed flawlessly . Congratulations for everyone whom contributed towards producing a excellent Linux Distribution .
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Re: Mageia 4 is out!

Postby pmithrandir » Feb 5th, '14, 22:34

I wanted to thank the team, but more certainly to congratulate them.

I'm having mandriva , then mageia since version 6.3, which means almost 15 years, and I think this upgrade was the best I ever had.
No bugs at all, everything works, including network manager + wifi.
I'm also impressed because I have now full support of the external monitor detection, which was not well supported since 4 years on my laptop.

I'm very happy !!
Thank you again.
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Re: Mageia 4 is out!

Postby piotrekw1 » Feb 19th, '14, 09:07

Great Job!!!!!!!
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Re: Mageia 4 is out!

Postby bobw » Mar 10th, '14, 01:08

Still will not load on HP DV5T. ALL versions of Mandriva/Mageia loaded perfectly before this release.

What to do?
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Re: Mageia 4 is out!

Postby doktor5000 » Mar 10th, '14, 23:42

Open a separate thread in one of the support subforums, and provide more details.
"Still not load" is not sufficient to provide any hints on the cause for Mageia not loading on your box.
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