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Call for contributors

Postby isadora » Jan 14th, '14, 19:44

Today following message appeared in our mailing-list gmane.linux.mageia.user (news://
Indeed, QA is very busy testing the ISO images of the future Mageia 4 RC, but
meanwhile a lot of update candidates are piling up and we can't do it all
(more than 30 pending updates at the time of writing!).

So you would do the QA team a great favor if you could look at the list of
update candidates and try to help in testing one of them or more:

For any questions, please join the qa-discuss mailing list and/or join the
#mageia-qa IRC channel ( irc:// )

Many thanks!

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Re: Call for contributors

Postby doktor5000 » May 17th, '14, 21:45

QA team still needs help: ... 00156.html

After all those are the security updates and bugfixes for applications you all use ...
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Re: Call for contributors

Postby plspls » Aug 16th, '16, 14:10

ok I join QA team
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