IsoDumper now available

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Re: IsoDumper now available

Postby aguador » Jun 28th, '14, 21:54

Thank you. I knew from the first reply that it was something to do with KDE. It would be nice to be able to see the mounted drives directly (as, e.g., Evolution can do running in KDE), but knowing the path gets the job done. Thanks again.
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Re: IsoDumper now available

Postby papoteur » Dec 4th, '17, 09:51

This is late, but I can said that Isodumper has changed in Mageia 6.
The graphic layout is now libYUI, thus you can running it in GTK, Qt or ncurses mode.
SD cards are also detected, so you can write images for Raspberry, for example.
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Re: IsoDumper now available

Postby xboxboy » Dec 4th, '17, 23:48

Thanks for the update papoteur, IsoDumper is my go to for writing iso's these days.
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