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Eugeni Dodonov

Postby isadora » Jul 9th, '12, 20:21

Today the sad news of Eugeni Dodonov dying in an accident, reached in a hard way.
Personally i had several "talks"through the internet, and know and will remember Eugeni as a very helpful person, and a hard worker.

Eugeni was also member of the Mageia forum, knowing him from one post:

It's very hard to believe, but this is all day realism.

On behalf of all at Mageia i like to wish all around Eugeni strength in this difficult times.

Rest In Peace!!! ... -do-arace/ ... ht=dodonov
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Re: Eugeni Dodonov

Postby jkerr82508 » Jul 9th, '12, 20:39

Many of us will recall when Eugeni first joined Mandriva and, although most of us never had direct personal contact with him, he immediately impressed us with his ability, courtesy and dedication.

One of his first projects at Mandriva was a major re-write/update of MSEC, the results of which he documented:

As Mageia users we continue to benefit from that work.

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Re: Eugeni Dodonov

Postby wobo » Jul 10th, '12, 07:38

The F/OSS world has lost one of her valuable residents and although I never happened to meet him or be in contact I feel very sad.

R.I.P. Eugeni, wherever you are now!
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Re: Eugeni Dodonov

Postby pdodonov » Jul 10th, '12, 14:50

I'm Eugeni's brother and... well, I really don't have anything to say, but I wanted to say something.
His funeral was yesterday, and... well... my personal email is taurwen(at)gmail(dot)com, in the case anyone wants to write something.
- Pavel

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Re: Eugeni Dodonov

Postby macxi » Jul 15th, '12, 22:32

Eugeni Dodonov was also remembered by communities of MageiaBrasil and MandrivaBrasil.

Eugeni Dodonov became Development Manager Mandriva in 2010, and came to interact with the Brazilian community of Mandriva users, became a member of the MandrivaBrasil Forum and participated in several conversations there (Mandriva 2010.2 Released - December 22, 2010). His decision to approach the community was actually pretty cool. With great simplicity, participated in many discussions. I think that was his mark: lot of technical competence and simplicity and respect for all.

In his interview, he also had that same attitude, as in july/2011 in the interview for Guimesmo, member of the MandrivaBrasil Forum. In february/2012 he also gave another interview to Darkduck commenting about his professional trajectory and making many compliments to the staff of Mandriva and Mageia.

Eugeni Dodonov, thank you


    On July 11, the site "Ostatic" commented the note posted on the Mageia Blog:

      Open Source Community Loses One of Our Own
      by Susan Linton - Jul. 11, 2012Comments (0)

      Anne Nicolas broke the sad news yesterday of the passing of former Mandriva developer, Eugeni Dodonov. Dodonov died Sunday in route to the hospital after being found unconscious in the middle of the road. He was 31.

      Dodonov was born in Russia in 1981 but had been living and studying in Brazil for the past few years. He may be best known for his work at Mandriva as a developer and several leadership positions. Most recently he'd been working for Intel developing Open Source drivers and contributing to Mageia. Nicolas said, "He did an amazing work on Mandriva and then on Mageia, when he started contributing here too. We will always remember him as a very close friend, skilled developer and also for his humor, enthusiasm and posting kind messages to the distribution users."

      According to the translation of an article published in Portuguese, Dodonov was found lying in the road but it was unclear if he'd be struck by a vehicle or took a tumble from his bicycle. He died while in transport to Holy House hospital. Police are investigating.
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