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Forum outage at september 29th 2019

PostPosted: Sep 27th, '19, 11:06
by isadora
This morning following was announced in our mailingliists:
On Sunday September 29th, 2019, starting around 12.00 UTC there will be maintenance on the remaining infra in order to upgrade it to Mageia 7.

That means Mageia websites, gitweb, svnweb, wiki, forum, mailinglists, mails to, ... will be shut down...

Since there are several things that need upgrading, it will take at least several hours, or even a day or so depending on possible issues to get it all finalized...

Note that will be available, so progress (or info about delays) will be available there...

Re: Forum outage at september 29th 2019

PostPosted: Oct 1st, '19, 18:11
by doktor5000
On a related note and as an update as some may have wondered why posting to the forum was not possible on Sunday evening and Monday: wrote:Update 4: September 30th, 2019 at 05.40 UTC: there are some issues with posting bugs in bugzilla, and posting on forums… hopefully they will be resolved by the end of the day…

Update 5: September 30th, 2019 at 16.30 UTC: because of some issues with the forum software, we have reverted the upgrade on that vm for now. This so users can use the forums while we working on fixing the issues we hit.