Installation support for inconvenient (non-free) wireless

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Installation support for inconvenient (non-free) wireless

Postby pccobbler » Feb 26th, '21, 21:51

Trying to install Mageia on a PC with inconvenient (non-free) wireless, e.g., Ralink, is impossible. Here's my request. During installation, Mageia should detect the type of wireless, and if necessary, offer non-free drivers so the installation can proceed.
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Re: Installation support for inconvenient (non-free) wireles

Postby doktor5000 » Feb 27th, '21, 00:06

See the hints in your previous thread: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=13783
I'd also suggest to simply download one of the CD-size images, install it via USB and then configure your wireless after the installation.
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Re: Installation support for inconvenient (non-free) wireles

Postby morgano » Feb 27th, '21, 00:43

You did not tell if you are installing Mageia 7 or 8.
Some devices and protocols have been added to Mageia 8 since Mageia 7.
I suppose you tried the nonfree netinstall ISO?
Yes the other option is the installer ISOs. Unfortunately we have no CD size anymore, but DVD size.
Classic installer do not use nonfree drivers during install/upgrade.
If you need to boot most compatible, it is the Live ISOs. From them you can also do install, optionally update the Live before.
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