Flatpak update management in MCC/Rpmdrake

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Flatpak update management in MCC/Rpmdrake

Postby JY » Feb 18th, '21, 17:09

So far as i understood, overall mostly Gnome Software and Kde Discover are managing to show flatpaks in their center, and to update them...
With the growing use of flatpaks for variour reasons, would it be very complicated to inlude their management by a renewed rpmdrake?
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Re: Flatpak update management in MCC/Rpmdrake

Postby doktor5000 » Feb 18th, '21, 18:27

In my humble opinion at this point it wouldn't be that good, because there are already quite a lot of issues regarding the flatpak integration in discover & gnome-software,
and this would also add a lot of delay to rpmdrake (it would also need to fetch data from flathub and other configured flatpak remotes) and it would also need quite a lot of additional error handling.
And it would take time to implement - so I'd say yes it is pretty complicated to add flatpak management into rpmdrake. But if you volunteer, I'd bet that there would be nobody against this.
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