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Website landing page

PostPosted: Oct 8th, '19, 22:35
by MagicD3VIL
Hello everyone! I think the Mageia home webpage looks really neat and it really goes well with the new Mageia 7 wallpaper but I've come up with few ideas/suggestions.

Most of the landing pages these days use the trend called "OnePage" which basically summarizes everything in "one page" (obviously) usually followed by some nice scrolling visuals or screenshots etc. while still not covering everything in that level of detail so the menu buttons on top does not become useless and the page does not become too complex to read.

The thing is, that I don't know if the current home page uses some CMS or is written in plain code, depending on that the possible change would take more or less time. If someone from the web dev team would like this suggestion, I would not mind helping out if possible :D

Thanks for reading :)

Re: Website landing page

PostPosted: Oct 10th, '19, 20:41
by filip
Hi there.

Code is here. Please present your suggested changes and additions on atelier mailing list.