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PostPosted: Mar 5th, '17, 19:41
by evaldas
I would suggest to issue separate versions of mageia desktops - mate, cinamon, kde, etc.
I used once with mint and liked this approach. For regular user I think it is not common to switch between desktops and the system might be more simple...

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PostPosted: Mar 5th, '17, 20:57
by doktor5000
We have meta packages for that. Like task-mate or task-cinnamon. And we do already offer multiple desktops during installation. What are you actually missing?

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PostPosted: Mar 6th, '17, 20:59
by benmc
Hi Evaldas

evaldas wrote:I would suggest to issue separate versions of mageia desktops - mate, cinamon, kde, etc.

Please join up with the QA- testing team.

This is the best way to answer as you will appreciate the amount of work done to release the current sets of Live .iso and the Classical installers.

Just a note: The Classical installers offer more than 6 desktops, that can be individually installed, from the .iso.
So, if you dont like the desktop you have, you can change it, without requiring an internet connection.

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PostPosted: Mar 7th, '17, 12:38
by evaldas
Nothing is missing - I know there is option to to choose desktop during installation. Just I liked that approach to choose desktop before installation. I can't explain clearly why - just it seems to be lighter and better adjusted system if it is designed only for one desktop.
How can I join QA system?

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PostPosted: Mar 7th, '17, 22:14
by benmc
evaldas wrote:How can I join QA system?

Start here:

If you feel that this is for you, add your name to the list and introduce yourself.

best regards


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PostPosted: Jan 4th, '19, 01:42
by Ercouper
I know this is a late reply to an old post but please don't change anything. I like having the choice of desktops during the install and I have all of them installed. I like switching back and forth when I am bored. Of the distro's that I've tried only Antergos has similar choices. Mageia is a class act!