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[SOLVED] Bass pulse

PostPosted: Oct 24th, '18, 17:56
by laidlaws
Running Mga 6 with all updates. Playing a jigsaw game under Crossover Office. There is an audio file to produce a click when two jigsaw pieces are joined. The audio file plays well, but there is a pulse of about 50 Hz as well. That pulse sends the amplitude graph in PulseAudio to the limit, but doesn't seem too loud; maybe it is brief. Several pulses close together will build up in loudness. It sounds to me like an external problem, but if it is showing up in Pulse, it must be happening in the audio channel. Any similar experiences or guidance appreciated.

Re: [SOLVED] Bass pulse

PostPosted: Oct 28th, '18, 13:24
by laidlaws
Well, kinda!!. I did a re-install from the Mga 6.1 Xfce CD. Now the bass pulse has gone, but running pavucontrol kills sound completely! Works for Me.