[SOLVED] Internal microphone not working on Lenovo ideapad

[SOLVED] Internal microphone not working on Lenovo ideapad

Postby Gelsenbury » Sep 19th, '17, 16:18

Just in case it's of use to anyone, here's something I have just worked out:

The issue was that the internal microphone of my Lenovo ideapad 310 wasn't working under Mageia 6. The internal microphone was listed in the Pulse Audio Volume Control, but didn't pick up any sound.

Some web research yielded this link: https://askubuntu.com/questions/6993/in ... king#19523

For some reason, the same trick also works for Mageia: Click on the icon for "lock channels together" to unlock them. Then set one of them to silence (doesn't have to be the right). The microphone will then pick up sound. You can also lock the channels together again at this point. The microphone still works. Recording into Audacity works as expected.

An issue remains with Skype, which seems to adjust levels automatically and mutes the microphone again in the process. Skype used to have an option to disable this automatic adjustment, but it seems to be absent from the current version (

I have absolutely no idea which configuration files are involved here, and which settings are responsible for muting the internal microphone. Perhaps a more knowledgeable user can find a way to fix this permanently and prevent Skype from messing it all up again. But, in the meantime, this seems to work.
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