Microphone not working in M6

Microphone not working in M6

Postby mackowiakp » Aug 30th, '17, 18:50

I install Skype on M6 and it worked properly. But since last several updates (probably because of that) Skype rapports thet there is no microphone connected. Kmix shows absence of any input device.
This is not hardware related problem because in WIN it works properly. So what can I check to find out the reason ob microphone absence right now?
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Re: Microphone not working in M6

Postby zeebra » Jan 10th, '18, 18:20

Did you select in the KDE mixer settings - audio volume settings --> audio volume --> configuration?

If it says analog stereo output, the microphone is not active. You need to set it to "analog stereo duplex". Then check soundlevels on all channels.
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