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NAS, NFS and permissions

PostPosted: Jun 11th, '21, 10:36
by vmunich
Hi everyone,

on my linux machine (Mageia) I would like one user (let's say, user1) to be able to access one specific directory on the NAS (synology DS220j).

This directory should be mountable by user1 only.

Do I need to define a user named user1 on the NAS (in DSM) ?

Or shall I create another user (e.g. user1_NAS) on the NAS control panel and use these credentials to allow user1 to access the directory ?

Basically I want only user1 to see and be able to access the directory on the NAS...

I can define users with passwords on the NAS, however I don't understand where I shall specify any username and password when I set NFS access on the linux client

Any hint ?
Thanks !!!

Re: NAS, NFS and permissions

PostPosted: Jun 11th, '21, 16:19
by doktor5000
For NFSv3, that is not possible. NFSv3 uses host-based authentication, you can limit an NFS export to certain hosts, but that's about it.
For NFSv4 it would be supported, but you would need a working Kerberos setup and would need to import your kerberos keytab on the Synology.

Although you should be able to configure CIFS exports which should only be accessible by certain users, and you can set them to not be public, so you can only mount them if you know the location and the user/password.