[Closed] Mageia 7 and marvell 88e8058 sky2

[Closed] Mageia 7 and marvell 88e8058 sky2

Postby rychok » Jul 19th, '20, 02:45


Few months ago I was upgrading system (from Mandriva 8.1 to Mageia 7) on my old file server with Marvell Giga bit card, the card did not work. Under Mageia 6 it was working, but after updates stopped, so change is somewhere in that time. I end up installing Mga6 and do not update the kernel.
Now I have my friend's old (OS 10.5.8) IMac that has some problem even displaying https websites, so I have installed MGA7.1 in dual boot, I do not know why live versions boots fine, but installation ISO transferred to USB or from DVD was getting stuck, anyway this computer has marvell 88e8058 Ethernet card with sky2 driver shown in hardware, but it can not connect to the network, after using usb wifi I was able to install packages to make broadcom wifi working(live MGA version drivers for broadcom does not work) , but it made the installation a little tricky to find card that has driver in live system.
I realize the hardware is so old that there is no way for kernel developers to fix this, but is there any other way to make this card (Marvell) woks under MGA7?
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Re: Mageia 7 and marvell 88e8058 sky2

Postby doktor5000 » Jul 19th, '20, 16:27

Would be helpful if you could at least post the output of either lspcidrake -v or lspci -nnk
and also relevant journal log entries with e.g. as root
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journalctl -ab|grep -iE "sky2|network"
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Re: Mageia 7 and marvell 88e8058 sky2

Postby rychok » Jul 19th, '20, 23:38

Thank You doktor5000 for the reply, but owner of this computer of that computer told me he is only using wifi, so he took it they way it is working.
I also have changed my hardware, therefore the problem has gone.
I was hoping someone had this problem and knew the answer, otherwise the change in driver is not worth investigation for cards that practically do not exist anymore.
Thank You again for the response.
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