setting up a VPN

setting up a VPN

Postby lloyd » May 19th, '20, 14:04

I want to set up a VPN using the provided Mageia tools. My problem is that I really don't know what I'm doing, or how to go about it. What kind of information do I need to set it up?

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Re: setting up a VPN

Postby doktor5000 » May 19th, '20, 18:10

Do you want to set up a VPN server, or do you want to connect to an existing VPN?
Also, do you understand what VPN means? Maybe mention what you want to achieve with a VPN, that might help.
For some reading, Peter described it pretty well with some context information: viewtopic.php?p=66542#p66542
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Re: setting up a VPN

Postby jiml8 » May 21st, '20, 02:31

If your goal is to connect to a VPN service to provide security against spying by your ISP, then you will find that most such services will provide you with tools that automate the setup of your client.

If you wish to set up a vpn between two sites of your own, then things are very different. Rolling your own may very well be the best solution...or it may not be. You would have to provide information about your intended purpose before anyone here could offer an opinion.

For myself, when I am traveling and wish to talk to my workstation or any of my home network, I set up an SSH tunnel because it works well enough for me and it is easy to do. I also, when traveling, often will browse from my laptop using my workstation as a proxy (so that it appears I am browsing from my workstation, regardless of where in the world I am...convenient for banking...again using SSH tunnels. I just find it to be the easiest way.
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Re: setting up a VPN

Postby lloyd » May 21st, '20, 13:32

I already have a VPN. I just don't know what to do to access it. What gets filled in what field?
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